Taniwha Poitūkohu

Kia ora tena koutou katoa


Chur my WHANAU I will be running the Taniwha basketball fundamental training program which will start January the 28th 2024 through to November the 24th 2024, base in Wanganui. The training program will include various amount of fitness and activities that will be life changing for our rangatahi.

For me it’s about supplying a safe space for our future kids on and off the basketball court, this will help them develop communication life skills and help our rangatahi build healthy relationships with other kids in the community.

Once a month I am looking at running other activite activities, such as bicycle runs, stair training, Beach trainings, boxing classes, swimming classes, cooks garden circuit training, river kayaking and Castlecliffe beach basketball, traveling out of town etc… 

The kaupapa will be for boys between the ages of 11 to 15 year Olds & depending on the funding we receive for our organization I want to be able to do bigger & better events for our tamariki 


Nga Mihi