Volunteers are at the heart of sport and recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand. Without them many activities and events would simply not happen.

Keen to volunteer but need help connecting to a club or organisation? Check out our Activity Directory or talk to our team to see how we can help.

Recruiting and managing volunteers

Sport New Zealand has a range of resources available to help organisations understand volunteers’ motivations for becoming involved and keep them at the heart of the sector.

Read more information, insights, and ideas to find and look after volunteers who can help to deliver your sport or activity.

For Our Kids

For Our Kids is an initiative that focuses on what we, as a community, can do to assist our young people to achieve their potential.

For Our Kids aims to support adults to volunteer their time and abilities to help young people, through:

  • Coaching, teaching, and role modelling
  • Assisting clubs and schools as volunteers or mentors
  • Working with community organisations to support young people

Clubs and schools are able to access trained volunteers to run their programmes or initiatives for young people.

Local businesses benefit from building strong relationships with clubs and schools in their community. Staff receive training and become accredited volunteers as part of the For Our Kids framework.

Volunteers gain knowledge to be able to work confidently and safely with young people through our For Our Kids training programme.

Any clubs or businesses interested in getting involved in the For Our Kids initiative can contact Paula Darlington, Rangatahi Lead at 06 349 2300 or 021 272 7100.