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Sport Whanganui Website Directory Terms and Conditions of Service

Sport Whanganui operates the website directory and shared calendar, and we will do our best to ensure the information contained within it is accurate, complete, and current.

These Website Directory Terms and Conditions of Service apply to all users of the website directory, including without limitation users who create and/or manage an organisation profile and/ or contribute content to the directory, shared calendar, or any other new features added by Sport Whanganui.

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  • Organisations listed in the directory must be based in the Whanganui, Ruapehu or Rangitīkei districts (the wider Whanganui region). If you are unsure if your organisation fits these criteria, please contact Sport Whanganui via the details below.
  • Any information you publish is correct and true and any content i.e., photos or videos you upload are owned by you, or you have express permission to use and/or share that content.
  • It is your responsibility to create, update, and maintain any profiles, events, or draws you create.
  • Sport Whanganui reserves the right to change, edit, remove, or delete any profile, event, or content without limitation, including duplicate profiles or events.
  • Any profile, event or content uploaded by you that is unauthorised, or deemed to be illegal, spam, offensive, harmful, defamatory, or discriminatory will be removed.

For questions related to the website directory please contact Sport Whanganui via email or call 06 349 2300.