Hits ‘n Hoops – Racket Sports

Head to Rivercity Golf for a free Give it a Go session with your friends and racket time at the Whanganui Tennis Club and Whanganui Squash Club for some fun over the holidays.

No equipment required.


Cardboard Creations – Make it, Break it to Take it!

Let’s get creative with cardboard! Cardboard castles, cars…whatever your imagination can think of. When you have finished your creation, you can take it home or break it! The choice is yours. Try a bit of hill sliding while you are there.

Balance is Better Webinar

Setting our kids up for success and what it takes to be a Good Sports parent

We know that sport parents are faced with many dilemmas and difficult decisions when it comes to supporting their children in sport. With so much noise in the youth landscape today (let alone the financial and time pressures we all face – regardless of sport) it’s hard to know where to start in order to put your best foot forward as a sports parent.

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Balance is Better Webinar

The art and science of coaching young women

Young women aren’t young men. Yes – irrespective of gender, there are some universal truths to what makes a great youth sport coach. However, with many ‘default coaching practices and assumptions’ having been derived from coaching males, it’s important that coaches of females, particularly adolescent females, take the time to check their own coaching practice and assumptions. To provide the best support for, and bring out the best in young women, great coaches have a grasp on unique female factors, and understand how to account for these factors in their coaching. 

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Balance is Better Webinar

Trials and selection processes in youth sport: What does good look like?

Trials and selections are a hot button topic for many teams, clubs, and schools. We often hear leaders of sports organisations lament the amount of time they spend ‘putting out fires’ on the back end of trials. They can be a headache for coaches. And for young people the trial and selection experience can cause an array of responses from anxiety, jubilation, drop-out, to putting young people off trying a sport in the first place.

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Balance is Better Webinar

Getting Child Safeguarding Right

We all want to see more children enjoying experiences in sport and physical activity and a key part of this is making sure these environments are safe and provide positive experiences to keep them engaged. While child protection is something we all should have awareness of, organisations in the sector have a responsibility to create environments where child safety is a priority – but how? 

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CANCELLED – Whanganui Schools Mountain Bike Champs

In line with the current Covid-19 Level Four lockdown, the WSS Mountain Biking Championship has been cancelled. We appreciate and thank the schools and @Whanganui Mountain Bike Club for all the hard work that has gone in to planning for this event. It’s disappointing, but let’s look forward to the WSS Mountain Biking Championship 2022.  

If you have any queries regarding the WSS Mountain Biking Championship, please contact Harry Unsworth: harry@sportwhanganui.co.nz. 

Stay safe.


The Mudder

So you think you have what it takes to tackle The Mudder? This filthy and fun event will be back at Rangitikei Farmstay on 25th September and better than ever.

So what makes The Mudder unique? If you ask the entrants from previous years they will all tell you different things but one thing they all agree on is that this course is up there with the best. This is no flat, dawdle around some obstacle course on the edge of suburbia. The rugged hill country of the southern Rangitikei makes for plenty of lung burning and calf aching even before you throw in the obstacles. The course is designed to use the natural assets of the working sheep and beef farm it is hosted on. Many of the obstacles are based on natural springs that see guaranteed mud all year round. There is a dam with a floating island to crawl over, a 100 year old tree with roots straight out of a Hobbit scene and plenty of dams, bogs, and hills. Throw in some man made obstacles and you have a course that guarantees fun, laughter and a great day out.

There will be some new obstacles for 2021 but exactly what they are will be kept secret until closer to the event. With 3km, 5km or 8km course options, The Mudder has something to suit both elite athletes and complete novices. Enter as a business or family for great team building or as a single if you are looking for a personal challenge. Costumes are welcome and encouraged and there will be some great prizes for the best dressed teams and individuals.



Youth Week

Youth Week 8-16 May 2021


Sport Whanganui, collaborating with several sports clubs and activity providers, is set to bring some fun to Youth Week for Whanganui’s rangatahi. Numerous sports and activities will be available for anyone aged 12-19 to try. Its all about the fun, experiencing something new, hanging out with friends, and making new ones. YESS, Whanganui’s Youth Empowering Sports Squad, made up of eleven rangatahi, are behind the project.  

 YESS member, Eloise Bradshaw, explained, “This programme is awesome for a small community, something as simple as playing basketball on a Friday night for fun can make such a difference. People can try all these different sports; they don’t have to be good at them. I can’t wait, it’s definitely going to be fun, and it’s been great to be part of making this happen.” 

Be part of the fun! 



Whanganui Secondary Schools Cross Country Champs

Hosted & Sponsored by Rivercity Golf – Tawhero Golf Course. First race, 1pm.


12:00pm: Managers meeting at Sport Whanganui tent.

12:20pm: All Girls Races: 3km (2x 1. 5km laps).

12:50pm All Boys races:

Year 9 Boys: 3km (2x 1. 5km laps).
Junior Boys & Senior Boys: 4km (1x 1km lap + 2x 1. 5km laps).

1:20pm – Girls Relay 4 per team (4x 1.5km lap)

1:50pm – Boys Relay 4 per team (4x 1.5 lap)

2:20pm – All presentations