Green Prescription

How does Green Prescription work?

A Green Prescription (GRx) is a health professional’s written advice to become more physically active as part of their overall health management. Your health professional may decide a GRx would be good for you if:
  • You are keen to become more physically active
  • You want to improve your eating habits
  • Or you have a medical condition which would improve with a change in lifestyle



Who can give a Green Prescription?

A Green Prescription is usually received from your Doctor or Practice Nurse.

What happens next?

You will be contacted by your local Green Prescription team who will put together a physical activity plan that is right for you. You will get regular encouragement and support for up to five months and the chance to make positive lifestyle changes to your physical activity and nutrition.

For further information please contact:





Deb Byers – Health Manager
Telephone: (06) 349 2325

Sarah Whayman – Green Prescription Advisor
Telephone (06) 349 2328
Fax (06) 349 2322



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Whats Going On?

Activity Directory 2019

GRx Success Story

Sport Whanganui Green Prescription helps create a healthy balanced lifestyle

As the year draws to a close many of us are thinking of the New Year and our dreams, hopes and aspirations for 2019. New Year resolutions are made and sometimes broken in a few short days or weeks. Behavioural change can be difficult for some. If you are setting goals to start an exercise programme for 2019 make this your year to achieve. Follow the SMART goals plan- specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time managed – small steps remembering consistency is the key.

Below is a story from Heather, a Green Prescription client who tells her journey on the Sport Whanganui Green Prescription programme. Heather faced health concerns and became dedicated to improving and maintaining good health.

In 2017 I was overweight tired with no energy and I desperately wanted to lose weight and be a healthier version of myself. I was a real couch potato which we all know means spending majority of my time sitting down. I was becoming socially isolated and felt disconnected from the environment and people. I was craving the company of other likeminded people especially females as we love to talk a lot!

I tried self-motivation many times as well as weight loss programmes to no avail. My doctor and I discussed my concerns and he referred me to the Green Prescription Programme. I had other health conditions but the one that stuck with me was when I reached the obese weight range. I received a call from the Green Prescription team and an appointment was made where we wrote down all the ways I could improve my health starting with making small changes.

I joined the Sport Whanganui Club GOLD walking group as a more gentle way of increasing strength and fitness. As my fitness progressed, this year in February I added the Splash Centre gym circuit classes to my regime. The combination of two regular programmes equates to three hours of exercise each week. I try my best not to miss any days unless it is unavoidable as I really love it.

My weight was not coming off as quickly as I would have liked. I was eating healthy meals half of the time so decided I needed to eat healthy every meal, every day to get the results I was looking for.

With the combination of healthy eating and regular exercise including walking the dogs, I have lost 14.1 kilograms since February 2018. My energy levels have increased dramatically, I have made new friends along the way who are great company and we always have a barrel of laughs.

What more could I want or need now I have a balanced lifestyle, get plenty of exercise outdoors in the environment which is a great boost for mental health and wellbeing. It’s a total mind, body and spiritual life change. My goal for 2019 is to complete the Tongariro Crossing.

Thank you Sport Whanganui and the Green Prescription team for the opportunity to change my life.

If you would like to make exercise a part of your life ask your doctor or nurse for a referral to Green Prescription or contact Deb Byers Sport Whanganui Health Team Manager on 06 349 2325.