Manawatū Whanganui Weightlifting Club

The MWWC aims to develop the sport of Weightlifting within our rohe. Our key values are represented within our logo, where our feed into – and aid in achieving – this purpose:

Build Community

Through a common interest, we are able to bring people together. Creating a community of like-minded individuals to help build each other and the sport. This value is about building a community of people with a passion for the sport. 

Strengthen People

Weightlifting is about strengthening ourselves to overcome an external load, facing a challenge and conquering it. This value is about strengthening people both physically and mentally, to face the challenges presented within and outside of the gym.

Grow the Sport

Through building a community of strong people, we aim to grow the sport of weightlifting within our rohe. This value is about growing the sport, which includes increasing participation, performance and the profile of the sport in our region.