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Friday 5th July – No Secondary School Basketball

No Secondary School Basketball Friday 5th July


All enquiries: Marie Joseph (027) 9373007 or check out the Whānau Ballers- Whanganui facebook page.

Tuesday 23rd July


INTERMDIATE  Basketball Tuesday 23rd  July 2019

Court One

3.40pm WIS Boys V Faith                               Ref: Kymania

4.20pm TAS          V St George’s Knights  Ref:Ross/Ada

5.00pm WIS Girls V TKB Boys                   Ref: Santana/Kymania

5.40pm   TKB Girls V KaiIwi  Stingers         Ref:Kymania/Santana

Court Two

3.40pm St Marys V Ruherford Reka          Ref: Ada/Taina

4.20pm Tupoho Tuakana  V  Kokohuia        Ref: Desiree/Kelly

5.00pm  Rutherford Rehua V  St Marcellin   Ref: Kelly/Taina


Floor Controller: Mariana Dowman

Please note: Bench Duty is the responsibility of each team playing


Thursday 17th July

Whanganui Senior Basketball

Draw for Thursday 18th July 2019

Court One:

6.00pm: Te Kahui Men v Tuaki. Duty: WHS Boys.

Referees: Joe & Neihana

6.45pm: Pasifika Men v WHS Boys. Sky & Ala

Referees: Joe & Mickeys

7.40pm: Mickeys v Station Royals. Duty: Sky, Ala, Asovale

Referees:  Joe & Neihana


Court Two: 

6.00pm: Te Kahui Kahurangi v Pasifika Woman. Duty: Te Kahui Woman

Referees: Mere & Marie

6.45pm: WHS Girls v Te Kahui Woman. Duty: Maia, Levani

Referees: Peter & Hellen

7.40pm: Ole Skool v Station Woman. Duty: Maia, Levani, Megan

Referees: Selwyn & Kieran


Court Three: 

6.00pm: Pilipino Club v Link Up. Duty: Asovale.

Referees: Betty & Jenny

6.45pm: Station 49ers v Ball N All. Duty: Asovale

Referees: Betty & Jenny


Peter Te Huna

Senior Co-Ordinator

Basketball Whanganui




For any inquiries please contact Desiree Mclean on 0277675211

All enquiries: Rodney Donaldson, ,06 344 4554

All enquiries: Kylie MacKenzie, Central Football – Email: or Ph 021 518 633

Here is the link to our draws on the Central Football Website

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All enquiries: Robyn Matthews,, 027 414 3842


For more information contact: Ross Kinnerley on 027 302 4042 or

All enquiries: or Darrell Robinson 027 2235922

All enquiries: Sherie Patterson, 06 345 3696

Any inquiries please contact Ross Kinnerley at





All enquiries: Julie  –, 0212259338

Saturday 20th July

NB: AR’s will be appointed to Games


Premier Div 1 Semi-Finals 2.30pm

McCarthy Transport Ruapehu v Byford’s Readi-Mix Taihape, Ohakune, Aaron Conlon

Waverley Harvesting Border v Wanganui Car City Kaierau, Waverley, Ben Lourie


Senior Div 2 Semi-Finals

Settlers Honey Ngamatapouri v Utiku OB, Ngamatapouri, 2pm, Glen Collins

Bennetts Taihape v Black Bull Liquor Pirates, 1pm, Noah Viliamu


Senior Div 3 Round Robin

Kaierau v Speirs Food Marton, Friday Night 7.15pm, KCC, Rakei Hina

Marist Buffalos v Counties Brothers, 1pm, Spriggens Park, Mark Chillingworth

Border beat Black Bull Liquor Pirates by default

Kelso Hunterville a bye

Saturday 6th July

Saturday Morning Rugby – McDonalds Wanganui Junior Grades

Under 6 –  Marton v Hunterville Black, Marton 2b, 9am, Marist Stingrays v Marist Roar, Spriggens Park 1a, 9am, Pirates Black v Marton White, Marton 1a, 9am, Border Lilttle Rippas v Pirates White, Waverly 1a, 9.30am, Hunterville Maroon v Kaierau, Hunterville 1a, 9.30am, Border Baby Rippa BYE.

Under 7 Marist Raiders v Kaierau Maroon, Spriggens Park 1b, 9am, Marton v Kaierau Gold, Marton 2a, 9am, Kokohuia v Border Big Rippas, SP 12a, 10.45am, Pirates BYE.

Under 8 – Taihape Horrors v Hunterville, Taihape 2a, 9.30am, Pirates v Marton, Marton 2a, 9.45am, Marist Chiefs v Kaierau, Racecourse 2a, 10.30am.

Under 9—Marton v Ruapehu, Marton 1a, 9.45am, Marist Avengers v Taihape Munroes Monsters, Racecourse 2b, 10.30am, Marist Forest360 v Pirates, Racecourse 3b, 10.30am, Kaierau BYE.

Under 10 –  Marton v Kaierau Ddkme Adrole, Marton 1b, 9.45am, Marist Jets v Pirates, Racecourse 3a, 10.30am, Border v Taihape Honda, SP 8 , 10.30am, Ruapehu BYE.

Under 11 –  Marist Vikings v Ruapehu, Racecourse 1, 10.30am, Kaierau Vincent Meats v Hunterville, Marton 2, 10.45am, Huntley and Taihape PGG Wrightson Wreckers BYE.

Under 12 –  Marist Hounds v Kaierau McDougal Earthmoving, Spriggens Park, 9.45am, Marton v Border, Marton 1, 10.45am, Pirates BYE.

Under 13  – Taihape Vets v Ruapehu, Taihape 1, 10am, Marist Stallions v Kaierau, Spriggens Park, 10.45am, Huntley BYE.

Marist and Marton Family/Sponsor Days.


U6 Marist Stingrays Team



All enquiries:





Teachers and Coaches: Please ensure your players know where and when they are playing.


All enquiries: Alan Kenny, or 0272012651



All enquiries: Parekura Muraahi, ,06-281 3625


All enquiries: Blair Davidson,, 027 8461 412

Wednesday 17th July

Wanganui Volleyball League Two.

Jubilee Stadium Wednesday 17th July:

Court 1:

6.30pm: The Akks v No Diggity (Duty, Mixed Up)

7.30pm: Mixed Up v Bullets (Duty, Spirit)

8.30pm: Spirit v United (Duty, Bullets)

Court 2:

6.30pm: Internationals v Kermitt (Duty, Export Gold)

7.30pm: Export Gold v Liquid Edge (Duty, Kermitt)

8.30pm: Crusty Demons v Faith (Duty, Liquid Edge)

Court 3:

6.30pm: No Game.

7.30pm: Wallyballers v Land Meats (Duty, Kermitt)

8:30pm: Take A Hit v Notorious D.I.G. (Duty, Land Meats)