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For any inquiries contact Ross Cronshaw at or 0226412043

All enquiries: Marie Joseph (027) 9373007 or check out the Whānau Ballers- Whanganui facebook page.

Tuesday 24th July


INTERMDIATE  Basketball Tuesday 24th July 2018

Court One

3.40pm   St Marys B                 V   WIS 3                               Ref: Zac/ Bailey

4.20pm   St Marys A               V   Atihau  Tuakana              Ref: Dal /Zac

5.00pm   WIS A Boys             V   WIS A Girls                      Ref: Dal/Zac

5.40pm   Tupoho Tuakan       V    Huia                                 Ref: Dal/Santana


Court Two

3.40pm Faith City                   V   WIS 4                              Ref: Kymania Byron

4.20pm St Georges White      V   Rutherford                 Ref: Kymania / Santana

5.00pm Tas Critters                V   St Georges Blue            Ref: Desiree/Awatere


BYE TAS Ballers

Floor Controller: Mariana Dowman

All enquiries: Mariana Dowman,, 021 029 39616.

Thursday 19th July

Basketball Whanganui Senior Draw

For Thursday 19th July 2018


Court One:


6.00pm: Te Kahui Men v Under 17 Boys. Duty Team Brickz

Referees: Selwyn & Peter (Points Game)

7.00pm: Pasifika Men v   Brickz. Duty Team: Mickeys

Referees: Selwyn & Mickeys Team (Points Game)

7.35pm: Mickeys v Station Vogue. Duty Team Pasifika Men

Referees: Selwyn & Pasifika Men (Points Game)

Court Two:


6.00pm: Te Kahui Woman v WHS Girls. Duty Team: Baby Ash & Co

Referees: Shirley & Dal (Points Game)

7.00pm: Station Woman v Wat-A-Roar. Duty Team: WHS Girls

Referees: Shirley & Dal

7.35pm: All Comers v Tukua. Duty Team: Station Woman

Referees: Shirley & Dal


Court Three:


6.00pm: Station 49ers v Filipino Club. Duty Team: Asovale & Co

Referees: Hellen &


Bye: Pasifika Woman


Floor Controller: Peter Te Huna

All enquiries: Peter Te Huna 027 278 7436 or


For any inquiries please contact Desiree Mclean on 0277675211

All enquiries: Rodney Donaldson, ,06 344 4554

All enquiries: Kylie MacKenzie, Central Football – Email: or Ph 021 518 633

Here is the link to our draws on the Central Football Website

All enquiries: Te Ora Nyman,

All enquiries: Kylie Penn,, 027 414 3842

For more information contact: Ross Cronshaw on 0226412043 or

All enquiries: Darrell Robinson,, 0272235922 or Johnny Sula

All enquiries: Sherie Patterson, 06 345 3696


Any inquiries please contact Ross Cronshaw at or 0226412043


Saturday 14th July

Please see the Netball Whanganui website for this weeks draw.

All enquiries: Laird Park Netball Courts, 06 281 3625 or


Wednesday 25th July – FINALS

Wanganui Indoor Link Netball

Wednesday 25th July


Court 1                                                                                                                      

5.45pm            Ruff Riders                 v          Good Sports

Mixed Pool B 1st/2nd


6.35pm            Seized Up                   v          Not-Rel8ed

Womens Pool A 1st/2nd


7.25pm            The Western Stars      v          Balls Up

Mixed Pool A 1st/2nd


8.15pm            Stackers                      v          Titans

Womens Pool A 1st/2nd


Court 2                                                                                                          


5.45pm            New Edition               v          Stackers

Mixed Pool B 3rd/4th


6.35pm            Jail Birds                     v          Bluebelles

Womens Pool B 3rd/4th


7.25pm            Pak n Save Stickmen  v          Kith & Kin

Mixed Pool A 3rd/4th


8.15pm            No Balls                      v          Wahine ma

Womens Pool A 3rd/4th



  • Team colours/shirts must be worn by ALL PLAYERS, if any player is seen not wearing these they WILL NOT be able to take the court.
  • No backchat to any of the umpires otherwise that player will be removed from the court.
  • Fingernails are to be short.
  • Only players registered on team lists are able to take the court.
  • All rules, draw and team lists will be on the noticeboard at the stadium.
  • All spectators are to be seated in the grandstand.
  • All children are to also be seated in the grandstand.


All enquiries: Julie  –, 0272512515

Saturday 21st July – FINALS

Wanganui Rugby Football Union Tasman Tanning Club Rugby Draw Games 21st July 2018, Finals

Premier Championship Final 2.30 pm

McCarthys Transport Ruapehu v Black Bull Liquor Pirates, Cooks Gardens, Aaron Conlon, AR’s Ben Lourie, Mark Wilson, Sub Controller Neville Hopkins, Subs Peter Clarke, Mark Chillingworth.

Senior Championship Final 12.45 pm

Celtic v Kelso Hunterville, Cooks Gardens, Sam McKnight, AR’s Robbie Clark, Murray O’Hara, Sub Controller Neville Hopkins, Subs Peter Clarke, Mark Chillingworth.

 Senior Consolation Final 11.30 am

Buffalos v Kaierau v Pirates, Spriggens Park, Chris Jensen, AR’s Ivan Albert, James Sandston.

Metro Colts Semi-Final 1 pm

St Johns Metro Colts v Massey White, Spriggens Park, Noah Viliamu, AR’s George Te Huna,Terrence Te Weri.




All enquiries:




All enquiries: Alan Kenny, or 0272012651


Held at Whanganui High School courts.

All enquiries: Parekura Muraahi, ,06-281 3625

All enquiries: Blair Davidson,, 027 8461 412

Wanganui Golf Club – Business House

All enquiries: Ross Francis,

Wanganui Volleyball League – Wednesday 6th June

Wanganui Volleyball League One

Jubilee Stadium Wednesday 6th June

Court 1:

6.30pm: Blacque v Crusty Demons (Duty, RCVB)

7.30pm: Crusty Demons v Wasps (Duty, Bullets)

8.30pm: Bullets v Avengers (Duty, Wasps)

Court 2:

6.30pm: Mixed Up v Sets on Fire (Duty, Hornets)

7.30pm: Hornets v Blacque (Duty, Sets on Fire)

8.30pm: High Flyers v Ol’ Doggs (Duty, Blacque)

Court 3:

6.30pm: Happy Feet v Allenminators (Duty, Legends)

7.30pm: Legends v Swarmers (Duty, Last Picks)

8:30pm: Last Picks v Swarmers (Duty, No Diggity)

Court 4:

7.30pm: Volleybrawlers v No Diggity (Duty, RCVB)


All enquiries: Miles Johnson,, Ph. 021 744 565

Junior Touch

All enquiries: Talia Poutini – 021 023 98535