Sports Draws

18th of May 2018


Court 1

3.45-Collegiate Jnr C vs Collegiate Jnr A Ref: Kaveh/ Thomas O

4.30- Kokohuia Boys vs WHS INT Ref: Justice/ Kaveh

5.15- Collegiate C Girls vs Collegiate A Girls Ref: Justice/ Kaveh

6.00- Collegiate B Boy’s vs WHS Social 3 Ref: Sean/ Dal

6.45- Cullinane Premier Boys vs WHS B Premiers Ref: Sean/ Dal Duty: City Premier

7.45- City Premier Boys vs Collegiate Premier Boys Ref: Sean/ Dal Duty: WHS B Premier


Court 2

3.45- Collegiate Jnr Boys vs Rangitikei Jnr Boys Ref: Zac/ Justice

4.30- Rangitikei Snr Boys vs City Snr B Boys Ref: Awatere/ Waimanawa

5.15- Rangitikei Girls vs Cullinane Silver Girls Ref: Awatere/ Waimanawa

6.00- Taihape Girls vs Cullinane Social Girls Ref: Thomas/ Aimee-Jo

6.45- Cullinane Premier Girls vs Manu Huia Premier Girls Refs: Thomas/ Aimee-Jo Duty: WHS Jnr A Girls Premier

7.45  Refs:  Duty:


Court 3

3.45-WHS Jnr B Girls vs Collegiate Jnr B Ref: Layton/ Kaea

4.30- Cullinane Gold Girls vs Collegiate B Girls Ref: Layton/ Thomas O

5.15- City Jnr Boys vs WIS Jnr Boys Ref: Zac/ Kaea

6.00-Taihape Jnr Boys vs Cullinane Gold Refs: Karney/ Kymania

6.45-Cullinane Snr B Boys vs Taihape Snr Boys Refs: Kymania/ Joe F

7.30- Refs:


  • WHS A Premier Boys, WHS Jnr & Snr premier Girls, WGC, WHS social 1&2 & WHS Jnr A Boys bye
  • All teams are responsible for bench duty for their own game (unless indicated)!
  • Please respect the refs!
  • Mouthguards are compulsory for all games.

For any inquiries contact Ross Cronshaw at or 0226412043

All enquiries: Marie Joseph (027) 9373007 or check out the Whānau Ballers- Whanganui facebook page.

Tuesday 22nd May

INTERMDIATE Basketball Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Mouth guards are compulsory . If a player has no mouth guard they will not be able to play.
Court One
3.40pm St Marys B V Rutherford Ref: Dal/ Ada
4.20pm St Marys A V Atihau Tuakana Ref: Dal /Santana
5.00pm WIS Boys Gold V TAS Ballers Ref: Aimee-Jo/Santana
5.40pm WIS Boys Blue V WIS A Girls Ref: Aimee-Jo/Zac

Court Two
3.40pm Huia V WIS 4 Ref: Zac /Awatere 4.20pm TAS Critters V Tupoho Tuakana Ref: Kymania / Zac
5.00pm St Georges White V WIS 3 Ref: Dal/Kymania
5.40pm St Georges Blues V Faith City Ref: Desiree/Awatere

Floor Controller: Mariana Dowman
Please note: Bench Duty is the responsibility of each team playing

All enquiries: Mariana Dowman,, 021 029 39616.

Thursday 24th May

Basketball Whanganui Senior Draw

For Thursday 24th May 2018

Court One:

6.00pm: Mickeys v Station Vogue. Duty Team: Brickz

Referees: Selwyn & Aimee Jo


7.00pm; Station 49ers v Brickz. Duty Team: Station Woman

Referees: Selwyn & Aimee Jo


7.40pm: Wat-A-Roar v Station Woman. Duty Team. Station 49ers

Referees: Selwyn & Aimee Jo


Court Two:


6.00pm: Te Kahui Woman v WHS. Duty Team: Filipino Club

Referees: Shirley & Dal


7.00pm: Filipino Club v Te Kahui Men. Duty Team; Station Woman

Referees: Shirley & Dal


7.40pm: All Comers v Tukua. Duty Team: Te Kahui Men

Referees: Shirley & Dal


Byes: Pasifika Woman (Premier), Under 17 Rep Boys (B Grade Men)


Floor Controller.

Hellen PuhiPuhi

All enquiries: Peter Te Huna 027 278 7436 or

Miniball 24th of May 2018

Court 1
3.45- Te Wainui a Rua vs Keith St. Krushers Ref: Byron/Taonga
4.20- Te Kahui Tuakana vs Atihau Piharau Ref: Byron/Taonga
4.55- Tupoho vs Upokongaro Seniors Ref: Jordan/ Taonga

Court 2
3.45- Aranui Amazons vs St. John’s Thunder Ref: Awatere/ Jordan
4.20- Upokongaro Jnrs vs Aranui Atoms Ref: Awatere/ Ada
4.55- Tupoho Teina vs Kokohuia Warriors Ref: Awatere/ Ada

Court 3
3.45- Te Kahui Tipu vs Atihau Tuna Ref: Taane/ Bailey
4.20- St. Marcellin vs Carlton Defenders Ref: Taane/ Jordan
4.55- Carlton Dribblers vs Tuhono Ref: Bailey/ Taane

• All teams are responsible for bench duty for their own game.
• Please make sure that you have 1 person from each team for scorebench duty.
• Please respect the refs!

For any inquiries please contact Desiree Mclean on 0277675211

All enquiries: Rodney Donaldson, ,06 344 4554

All enquiries: Kylie MacKenzie, Central Football – Email: or Ph 021 518 633

Here is the link to our draws on the Central Football Website

All enquiries: Te Ora Nyman,

All enquiries: Kylie Penn,, 027 414 3842

For more information contact: Ross Cronshaw on 0226412043 or

All enquiries: Darrell Robinson,, 0272235922 or Johnny Sula

All enquiries: Sherie Patterson, 06 345 3696


Any inquiries please contact Ross Cronshaw at or 0226412043


Saturday 19th May



Future Ferns: Year 3 & 4

All Year 3 & 4 Future Fern teams will begin their programme at 8.30am.  Details will be emailed to schools on Wednesday 16 May 2018.  The programme consists of a warm up, skills session followed by a game.


Please note that all Future Fern games for Year 3&4 and Year 5&6 are 32 minutes with four 8 minute quarters and 2-3-2 breaks.


Future Ferns: Year 5 & 6 Section 1

Durie Hill Flyers v Whanganui East Puanga, Ct 11, 9:00am; St Johns Black v St Marys C, Ct 12, 9:00am; Westmere Champs v St Annes Ferns, Ct 13, 9:00am.


Future Ferns: Year 5 & 6 Section 2

Carlton Stars v Kokohuia, Ct 1, 10:00am; Gonville v Ruapehu D, Ct 2, 10:00am; St Johns Blue v Durie Hill Magic, Ct 3, 10:00am.


Future Ferns: Year 5 & 6 Section 3

Castlecliff v Tawhero A, Ct 1, 10:00am; Kai Iwi Gold v Mosston Machines, Ct 2, 10:00am; St Anthonys Hawks v Durie Hill Pulse, Ct 3, 10:00am.


Future Ferns: Year 5 & 6 Section 4

Aranui v St Johns Purple, Ct 1, 10:00am; Durie Hill Shooters v Fordell Kaitoke Speedsters, Ct 2, 10:00am; Ruapehu C v Carlton Stars, Ct 3, 10:00am.


Future Ferns: Year 5 & 6 Section 5

Churton v Whangaehu, Ct 11, 10:00am; Ruapehu E v Atihau, Ct 12, 10:00am; Westmere Hotshots v Keith St, Ct 13, 10:00am.


Please note that all intermediate, secondary and club games are 40 minutes with 2-3-2 breaks.


Intermediate Grading: 11.00am Round

St Georges A v WIS 7A, Ct 1; RJHS 1 v Tupoho, Ct 2; St Annes A v Ruapehu A, Ct 3; WIS 8B v Kokohuia, Ct 4; WIS 8D v Westmere A, Ct 5; WIS 8C v WIS 7B, Ct 6; St Marys A v St Georges B (2 games), Ct 7; WIS 7C v WIS 8E, Ct 8; St Annes B v Country East, Ct 10; St Marys B v WIS 8F, Ct 11; Westmere B v RJHS 2 (2 games), Ct 12; Upokongaro v St Marcellin, Ct 13;


Intermediate Grading: 12.00am Round

WIS 7E v RJHS 2 (2nd game), Ct 9; St Georges B (2nd game) v St Dominics C, Ct 10; WIS 7D v Ruapehu B, Ct 11;


Secondary Grading: 12.00pm Round

Collegiate Snr A v St Dominics A, Ct 6; Collegiate Snr B v WIS 8A, Ct 7; City B v Cullinane C, Ct 8; WHS C1 v WGC A3, Ct 12; St Dominics B v WHS JC2, Ct 13;


Secondary Grading: 1.00pm Round

Collegiate Jnr A v WHS JA2, Ct 6; Wharekura o Tupoho v WHS B1, Ct 7; Kokohuia v WGC JA1, Ct 8; WGC A2 v Collegiate Snr C, Ct 10; Collegiate Jnr C v Cullinane D, Ct 11; WGC JB1 v WHS JD1, Ct 12;


Secondary Grading: 2.00pm Round

City A v Ruapehu A, Ct 6; Cullinane B v WHS B2, Ct 7; WHS JB2 v WHS JB1, Ct 8; WGC JA2 v Collegiate Jnr B, Ct 10; WHS JC1 v Collegiate Jnr D, Ct 11


Club: Premier 2 Promotion Relegation Round

WGC A1 v High JA1, Ct 1, 12:00pm; Kaierau A2 v High A2, Ct 1, 1:00pm; Ruapehu 1 v Mere Te Aroha B, Ct 1, 2:00pm.


Club: Senior 1st Promotion Relegation Round

Kaierau B2 v Kaierau B1, Ct 2, 12:00pm; Station United A1 v Border A1, Ct 2, 1:00pm; SJ Sports v Marton Bears A1, Ct 2, 2:00pm.


Club: Senior 2nd Promotion Relegation Round

Ruapehu 2 v Ratana A1, Ct 3, 12:00pm; Kaierau C2 v Marist A2, Ct 3, 1:00pm; Kaiwhaiki A2 v Tech A2, Ct 3, 2:00pm.


Club: Division 1 Promotion Relegation Round

Kaiwhaiki B v Marton Bears A2, Ct 4, 12:00pm; Tech A1 v Ratana A2, Ct 4, 1:00pm; Marist B1 v Kaierau C1, Ct 4, 2:00pm.


Club: Division 2 Promotion Relegation Round

Tech B1 v Border A3, Ct 5, 12:00pm; Kaierau D2 v Border A2, Ct 5, 1:00pm; Kaierau D1 v Station United B, Ct 5, 2:00pm.


Duty Teams

Top Courts – WHS JC1, Collegiate Jnr D;

Bottom Courts – Kaiwhaiki A2, Kaierau C1;


Please pick up rubbish and empty wheelie bins into Orange Skip Bin then leave on left hand side wall of main toilets with lids open.  Gloves are available from the control office.  Leave goal post covers on the goal posts.

All enquiries: Laird Park Netball Courts, 06 281 3625 or

Wednesday 23rd May

Wanganui Indoor Link Netball

Wednesday 23rd May


Court 1                                                                                                                      


5.45pm            Seized Up                   v          Wahine ma



6.35pm            Ruff Riders                 v          Pak n Save Stickmen



7.25pm            Titans                          v          Stackers



8.15pm            Kith & Kin                  v          Balls Up



Court 2                                                                                                          


5.45pm            Not-Rel8ed                 v          Jail Birds



6.35pm            New Edition               v          The Western Stars



7.25pm            No Balls                      v           Bluebelles



8.15pm            Stackers                      v          Good Sports


All enquiries: Julie Linklater,, 0272512515

Saturday 26th May

Wanganui Rugby Union Tasman Tanning Club Rugby Draw 2nd Round Games 26th May,2018

Premier Games 2.35pm (Club TJ’s unless stated)

Car City Kaierau v Black Bull Liquor Pirates, KCC, Ben Lourie; McCarthys Transport Ruapehu v Settlers Honey Ngamatapouri, Ohakune, Mathew Clark (HK); Dave Hoskin Carriers Marist v Harvey Round Motors Ratana, Spriggens Park, Noah Viliamu, George Te Huna, Ivan Albert; Byfords Readimix Taihape v Waverley Harvesting Border, Taihape, Robbie Clark, Peter Clarke.

Senior Games 1pm (unless stated) Club TJ’s Round 12.

Kelso Hunterville v Seales Winslow Pirates, Hunterville, Chris Jansen; Speirs Food Marton v Bennetts Taihape, Taihape, Peter Clarke; Celtic v Utiku OB, Racecourse 1, Neville Hopkins; Ruapehu v Border, Ohakune, Mark Wilson; Buffalos v Counties, Spriggens Park, Ivan Albert; Kaierau bye.

School Fixtures

City College v Cullinane, City, 11am, Sean Ferguson; WCS 1st XV v FDMC, WCS1, 12.30pm, Sam McKnight; WCS 2nd v FDMC, WCS 1, 11 am, Errol Mason; WCS U15’s v FDMC, WCS 2,, Allan Harrison; WCS U14’s Blue v PNBHS U14’s, 9.50am, Robbie Clark.

Wednesday Under 15s Fixtures – 4 pm

Ruapehu v WHS Yellow, Ruapehu, Danny Rolls; WHS Green v RAG/TAS, High School, Neville Hopkins; City College v Cullinane, City, George Te Huna.


Saturday 26th May

Under 6 – Hunterville 2 v Border, SP 11a 10am, Hunterville 1 v Pirates Black, Hunterville 1a 10.00am, Kaierau Maroon v Pirates White SP 11a 9.00am, Marton v Kaierau Gold, Marton 1a 10.00am, Marist Roar v Marist Raider, Spriggens Park 1a 9.00am.
Under 7 – Pirates White v Kokohuia SP 12a 9.00am, Pirates Black v Marton SP 12a 10.00am, Marist Chiefs v Kaierau Spriggens Park 1b 9.00am.
Under 8 – Taihape v Hunterville, Taihape 1a 10.00am, Pirates v Marist Stags Racecourse 1 9.00am, Marist FOMS v Mar-ton, Race course 2 10.00am, Ruapehu v Kaierau Raetihi 1a 10.00am.
Under 9 – Ruapehu v Taihape, Raetihi 1b 10.00am, Marist Bombers v Marist Jets Spriggens Park 2 9.00am, Pirates v Marton SP 7 9.00am, Border v Kaierau, Border 1a 10.00am.
Under 10 – Hunterville v Kaierau Maroon, Hunterville 1b 10.00am, Marist Vikings v Pirates ,Race course 1 10.00am, Kaierau Gold v Marton SP 9 10.00am, Taihape BYE.
Under 11 –Kaierau v Marton SP 1 10.00am, Ruapehu v Pirates, Raetihi 1 11.00am, Marist Eagles v Taihape, Race course 11.15am, Huntley v Border SP2 10.00am.
Under 12 – Marist Stallions v Huntley , Spriggens Park 10.00am, Ruapehu v Marton, Marton 2 10.30am.
Under 13 -Marist Canes v Huntley, Spriggens Park 11.15am, Kaierau v Rutherford, SP 3 10.00am, Taihape v Pirates, Taihape 2 11.00am.



All enquiries:




All enquiries: Alan Kenny, or 0272012651


Held at Whanganui High School courts.

All enquiries: Parekura Muraahi, ,06-281 3625

All enquiries: Blair Davidson,, 027 8461 412

Wanganui Golf Club – Business House

All enquiries: Ross Francis,

Wanganui Volleyball League – Wednesday 23rd May

Wanganui Volleyball League One

Jubilee Stadium Wednesday 23rd May

Court 1:

6.30pm: Ol’ Doggs v Hornets (Duty, Sets on Fire)

7.30pm: Crusty Demons v Avengers (Duty, Bullets)

8.30pm: Wasps v Bullets (Duty, Avengers)

Court 2:

6.30pm: No Game

7.30pm: Sets on Fire v High Flyers (Duty, Blacque)

8.30pm: Blacque v Mixed Up (Duty, High Flyers)

Court 3:

6.30pm: Legends v Last Picks (Duty, Allenminators)

7.30pm: Legends v Happy Feet (Duty, Swarmers)

8:30pm: Volleybrawlers v Swarmers (Duty, Happy Feet)

Court 4:

7.30pm: Allenminators v No Diggity (Duty, Last Picks)


All enquiries: Miles Johnson,, Ph. 021 744 565

Junior Touch

All enquiries: Talia Poutini – 021 023 98535