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Friday 17th September FINALS

Kia ora koutou

Firstly, on behalf of Whanganui Basketball thank you all for your patience while we work through the Delta Alert Level 2 Guidelines and how we can transition back to Basketball safely.

We are definitely keen to complete our Secondary Schools competition. However, due to the current L2 restrictions on numbers we are unable to run the finals night as originally planned

so will run the “grand finals’ only for the Junior and Premier Grades as below.


WBA Secondary Schools Finals Draw  Friday 17th September 2021


Junior Girls Grand Final
4.00pm WHS Jnr Girls vs WCS Jnr Girls
Premier Girls Grand Final
5.00pm WHS Snr Girls vs Cullinane Premier Girls
Junior Boys Grand Final
6.00pm  WHS Junior Boys vs TAS Jnr Boys
Senior Boys Grand Final
7.00pm WHS Snr Boys vs TAS Snr Boys

We know there will be some disappointed teams but unfortunately, we were are unable to accommodate all teams under the proposed restrictions.

We can certainly revisit this if our circumstances were to change.

For the schools and teams included in the finals,  a set of guidelines will be sent no later than Wednesday informing each team of the procedures for the night.

Each team will also be given adequate time to transition in and out of their games and also sufficient time to warm up. At this stage, team personnel will be restricted up to 12 Registered players

and up to three management ie coach, manager, and TIC. A list will be required prior to entering the stadium.


No spectators will be allowed into the stadium under Level 2 but All games will be live streamed through our Whanganui Basketball Facebook page.

Once again we are sorry we are unable to accommodate all our teams but please feel free to contact me if you have any queries

Ngā manaakitanga
Marie Joseph


All enquiries: Marie Joseph (027) 9373007 or check out the Whānau Ballers- Whanganui facebook page.

Any inquires Please contact me: 0272787436 or





For all other queries please email or contact
Neihana Pari on 027 500 5653






All inquiries: Rodney Donaldson, ,06 344 4554

All enquiries phone: Peg Irvin 06-349 0559

All enquiries: or Darrell Robinson 027 2235922

6/7 November 2021

Ryman Healthcare Men’s & Women’s Open Fours to be played 6/7 November.



Section 1 – Durie Hill Bowling Club – 9am start

  1. M Bishop St John’s, 2. K Coombe Aramoho, 3. T Waikato Gonville-Castlecliff, 4. B Winterburn Durie Hill, 5. C Pinker Wanganui East, 6. C Fifield Laird Park, 7. D Pirere Aramoho, 8. G Horne Gonville-Castlecliff, 9. K Francis Composite, 10. M Roebuck Wanganui East


Section 2 – Wanganui East Bowling Club – 9am start

  1. C Park Wanganui, 2. P Carey Aramoho, 3. K Bourke Gonville-Castlecliff, 4. L Smith Wanganui East, 5. P Corney Durie Hill, 6. P Belliss Aramoho, 7. TBA, 8. P Spence Wanganui, 9. L Bourne Durie Hill, 10. R Park Wanganui



Section 1 – Wanganui Bowling Club – 9am start

  1. P Burgess Wanganui, 2. R Belliss Aramoho, 3. P Pirere Aramoho, 4. M Rowatt St John’s, 5. M Klitscher Wanganui East, 6. D Patterson Wanganui, 7. S Smith Wanganui East, 8. R Evans Wanganui East, 9. L Hawkes St John’s, 10. M Foster Wanganui East


Post section to be held at the Gonville-Castlecliff Bowling Club – 8.30am start

All enquiries: Sherie Patterson, 06 345 3696

Saturday 12th March 2022

Click on link



Saturday 12th March 2022


JAB SOFTBALL DRAW 12th March 2022






D 1                  Tawhero Kereru                      vs         Gonville

D 2                  Aranui                                     vs         Athletic

D 3                  Kokohuia Dragons                  vs         Kai Iwi Country Kids



D 1                  Castlecliff Hihi                       vs         Gonville




D 2                  Aranui                                     vs         Athletic

D 3                  Tawhero Ruru                         vs         Mustangs




D 1                  St Anne’s                               vs         Kokohuia Knights

D 2                  Castlecliff Moa                       vs         Aranui





D 1                  Athletic Tama                         vs         St Anne’s

D 2                  Mustangs                                 vs         Athletic Hine


NB:  For cancellations listen to Local Radio,  or view Wanganui Softball’s Facebook.  Approved footwear must be worn in all grades – ie. Sneakers or running type shoes.  No sandals or barefeet unless dispensation has been approved.  No gumboots.


Tuesday 23rd November

Whanganui AWA Junior Touch Module 2021

Tuesday 23 November 2021  Week 5


ROUND 1         4.00pm

Field 1 Fordell Lightning v Brunswick Bears (Year 3/4 Boys); Field 2 Faith City Dragonflies v DHS Warriors (Year 3/4 Boys);Field 3 St Johns Eels v Faith City Cicadas (Year 3/4 Boys); Field 4  Tupoho Manuka v Gonville Sidestep (Year 3/4 Mixed ); Field 5 Tupoho Kauri v CC Tiwaiwaka (Year 3/4 Mixed ); Field 6a CC Takahe v St Marys Kiwis(Year 1/2 Boys & Mixed Friendly );Field 7a DHS Raiders v Tawhero Pukeko (Year 1/2 Boys & Mixed Pool A) Field 8a Kai Iwi Blazers v Westmere Wasps (Year 1/2 Boys & Mixed Pool A); Field 9a Gonville Kiwi v Faith City Honey Bees (Year 1/2 Mixed & Boys Pool B); Field 10a St Johns Rabbits(B) v Fordell Juniors (Year 1/2 Boys & Mixed Pool B)


ROUND 2         4.45pm

Field 1 Tawhero Kotiro v DHS Turbos( Year 5/6 Mixed Pool A) Field 2 Gonville Steppers v DHS Blues ( Year 5/6 Mixed Pool B); Field 3 Kai Iwi Musytangs v Fordell Thunder (Year 5/6 Mixed Pool A); Field 4 Tupoho Rimu v CC Tieke (Year 5/6  Mixed Pool A); Field 5 St Georges 5/6  v St Johns Tigers (Year 5/6 Mixed Pool B); Field 6 Flow Up v Westmere Falcons (Year 3/4 Mixed); Field 7 Tawhero Kereru v Kai Iwi Knights (Year 3/4 Mixed ); Field 8 St Johns Raiders v St Marys Falcons  (Year 3/4 Mixed& Boys Friendly)


ROUND 3         5.20pm

Field 1 St Marys Eagles v Westmere Hawks (Year 5/6 Mixed Pool B) Field 2 Fordell 7/8 Mixed v Westmere Eagles (Year 7/8 Mixed & Boys Pool B) Field 3 Kai Iwi Allstars v Fordell 7/8 Boys (Year 7/8 Mixed & Boys Pool A) Field 4 Tupoho Totara v St Marys Falcons (Year 7/8 Mixed & Boys Pool A); Field 5 St Georges Wizards v St Georges Dragons ( Year 7/8 Mixed & Boys Friendly); Field 6 Faith City  Flyers v Allcomers  (Year 7/8 Mixed & Boys Pool B) Field 7 Tawhero Tama v St Johns Cowboys (Year 5/6 Boys); Field 8 Faith City Spiders v St Johns Panthers (Year 5/6 Boys)


Any inquiries please contact Ross Kinnerley at


Wednesday 6th July 2022

Whanganui Volleyball League.

Jubilee Stadium Wednesday 6th July:

Court 1:

6.30pm: Bula Boys v Export Gold (Duty, Bullets)

7.30pm: Bula Boys v Bullets (Duty, Export Gold)

Court 2:

6.30pm: Volley Malone v Empire Spikes Back (Duty, Crusty Demons)

7.30pm: Crusty Demons v The Akks (Duty, RCVB)

Court 3:

6.30pm: One Arm Bandits v Bright Sparks (Duty, Fever Spike)

7.30pm: Fever Spike v One Arm Bandits (Duty, Bright Sparks)

Court 4:

7.30pm: Nga Taniwha v Latinos (Duty, Empire Spikes Back)



All enquiries please contact Miles Johnson – 021 744 565