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Tuesday 15th December

Whanganui AWA Junior Touch Module 2020

Tuesday 15 December 2020  Week 10


ROUND 1         4.00pm

Field 1 Westmere Dodgers v Westmere Allsorts (Year 5/6 Boys); Field 2 Brunswick Bears v Mosston Magic  (Year 1/2 Mixed Pool A); Field 2a Upokongaro Juniors v Tawhero Anahera (Year 1/2 Mixed Pool A); Field 3 Durie Hill Waka v Westmere Dynamite (Year 3/4 Boys); Field 4 Westmere Eels v Durie Hill Jags (Year 1/2 Boys FINAL); Field 4a Remix Juniors v Westmere Newbies (Year 1/2 Boys); Field 5 Tupoho Kauri v Westmere Ratbags (Year 3/4 Mixed FINAL); Field 6 Fordell Juniors v Atihau Pakohe (Year 1/2 Mixed Pool B FINAL); Field 6a Fordell Juniors v St Marys Fantails (Year 1/2 Mixed Pool A FINAL); Field 7 Te Wainui a Rua Waenga v Kai Iwi Seniors (Year 5/6 Mixed Pool B); Field 8 Churton Karaka v St Johns Eels (Year 1/2 Boys/Mixed Friendly)

Bye:     Waverley Warriors    Year 1/2 Boys

            Atihau Ririki               Year 1/2 Mixed


Prizegiving for Year 1/2 Grades at the end of Round 1


ROUND 2         4.35pm

Field 2 Durei Hill Dodgers v Fordell Lightning ( Year 3/4 Boys); Field 3 Kai Iwi Juniors v Fordell Comets (Year 3/4 Boys); Field 4 St Johns Sharks  v Remix Gold (Year 3/4 Boys FINAL); Field 5 Brunswick Braves v Te Wainui a Rua Teina (Year 3/4  Mixed); Field 6 Mosston Stars v St Johns Rabbits (Year 3/4 Mixed); Field 7  Upokongaro Hot Shots v Te wainui a Rua Tuakana (Year 7/8 Mixed); Field 8 Okoia Rebels v Te Wainui a Rua Tuakana (Year 7/8 Mixed)

BYE:     WW Champs              Year 3/4 Boys


Prizegiving for Year 3/4 Grades at the end of Round 2



ROUND 3         5.10pm

Field 2 Tawhero Taniwha v Flow Up (Year 5/6 Mixed Pool A FINAL); Field 3 St Georges Knights v Durie Hill Steppers (Year 5/6 Boys); Field 4 St Johns Cowboys v Remix Red (Year 5/6 Boys) Field 5 Tupoho Manuka v St Marys Eagles (Year 5/6 Mixed); Field 6 Fordell Crushers v Tupoho Rimu (Year 5/6 Mixed Pool B FINAL); Field 7 The Girls v Fordell Mixed (Year 7/8 Mixed)


Prizegiving for Year 5/6 Grades and 7/8 Grades after Round 4


ROUND 4         5.45pm

Field 2 St Marys Falcons v St Georges Dragons (Year 7/8 Mixed FINAL); Field 4 Remix Seniors v Fordell Blues (Year 7/8 Boys FINAL); Field 5 Fordell Thunder v CC Hawks (Year 5/6 Mixed); Field 6 Upokongaro TRM v Tupoho Totara (Year 7/8 Mixed) Field 8 Upokongaro TAM v St Johns Raiders (Year 5/6 Mixed)


Prizegiving for Year 5/6 Grades and 7/8 Grades after Round 4



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