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Wednesday 13th November

Secondary and Intermediate School Volleyball Draw:

Week 3: Wednesday 13th November.

Round 1: 3:35 – 4:05.

Court 1: Faith City Saints Vs Rutherford Warriors.              Umpire: Teacher

Court 2: Westmere Vs WIS RM 13.                                         Umpire: Teacher

Court 3: Tupoho Tū Vs WGC Seniors.                                      Umpire: WHS Internationals

Court 4: WGC Yellow Vs Cullinane Mixed.                             Umpire: The Germans & David


Round 2: 4:10 – 4:40.

Court 1: Rutherford Spikers Vs WIS Gold.                             Umpire: Teacher

Court 2: Upokongaro Vs WIS Blue.                                          Umpire: Teacher

Court 3: WHS Internationals Vs Tupoho Tū .                        Umpire: WGC Seniors

Court 4: WGC Blue Vs WCC J1.                                                 Umpire: WCC S1


Round 3: 4:45 – 5:15.

Court 1: St Mary’s Vs WIS RM 21.                                            Umpire: Teacher

Court 2: Cullinane Boys Vs WHS Green.                                 Umpire: Teacher

Court 3: Tupoho Toa Vs WHS Gold.                                         Umpire: Teacher

Court 4: The Germans & David Vs WCC S1.                          Umpire: Tupoho Tū

For more information contact: Ross Kinnerley on 027 302 4042 or

Thursday 14th Novmeber

Kickstart Draw Thursday 14 Nov.

6.10pm round.

Field 1: IN N Out v Celtic ref Hoopai and Me oh My Sheesh Boy

Field 2: Counties Brothers vs Doggies Refs DML and BBB

Field 3: Redbands vs Orange Roughies refs Gok and Dunno

Field 4: Team 7 Mixed vs Turtle Heads refs Young Guns and Counties Mixed

Field 5: Thirstys vs Win or Lose we booze Refs Duty

Field 6: Dunno vs Maggies ref Davey K


6.45pm Round

Field 1: Brown Butter Beans vs DML Demons refs Counties Brothers and Doggies

Field 2: Hoopai vs Me Oh My Seesh Boy Refs IN N out and Celtic

Field 3: Dodgers vs GOK refs Dunno and Maggies

Field 4: Young Guns vs Counties Mixed refs  Orange Roughies and Duty

Byes for Fully Hectic, Team 7 and DTM



All enquiries: or Darrell Robinson 027 2235922

All enquiries: Sherie Patterson, 06 345 3696

Friday 15th November

Primary School Volleyball Draw:

Week 4: Friday 15th November.

Round 1: 3:30 – 4:00.

Court 1: Tawhero Tiki Vs St John’s Green.

Court 2: Faith City Disciples Vs Atihau Teina.

Court 3: Carlton Strikers Vs Atihau Tuakana.

Court 4: Westmere Vs Manu Huia.

Round 2: 4:00 – 4:30.

Court 1: Gonville Vs Keith Street (yr3/4).

Court 2: Aranui Avengers Vs Atihau Teina.

Court 3: Upokongaro Vs Tawhero Toa.

Court 4: Keith Street(yr5/6) Vs Kokohuia Ninjas.

Round 3: 4:30 – 5:00.

Court 1: Carlton Spikers Vs Castlecliff Snickers.

Court 2: Aranui Azure Vs St John’s Black.

Court 3: Whanganui East Vs Castlecliff Mars.

Court 4: Te Wainui-a-rua Vs Carlton Attackers.

Any inquiries please contact Ross Kinnerley at







All enquiries: Julie  –, 0212259338




All enquiries:

Saturday 16th November







D 2                  St Annes/Mosston                  vs        St John’s Hill

D 3                  Durie Hill                               vs        Te Heti Tui

D 1                  Athletic                                   vs        Churton

D 4                  Gonville Comets                     vs        Te Kura O Kokohuia

D 6                  Aranui                                     vs        Faith City Penguins

D 4                  Keith Street                            vs        Te Heti Huia

D 5                  Tawhero Tutus                        vs        Gonville Cubs


D 6                  Castlecliff                               vs        St Mary’s

D 5                  Carlton Magic                         vs        Athletic (U9)




D 4                  Faith City Leopards                vs        Moss/Hill

D 1                  Te Kura O Kokohuia              vs        Tawhero Tuataras

D 3                  Whanganui East Cubs            vs        Durie Hill

D 2                  STA/West Avengers               vs        Gonville Aces

D 5                  Athletic                                   vs        Carlton Magis (U7)


D 6                  Carlton Dodgers                     vs        Castlecliff

D 5                  St Mary’s                                vs        Faith City Huskies

D 4                  Aranui                                     vs        Gonville Green Sox




D 2                  STA/Moss                               vs        Carlton Pitchers

D 3                  Aranui                                     vs        Te Wainui A Rua

D 1                  Athletic                                   vs        Te Kura O Kokohuia




D 2                  St. Anne’s Magnetos              vs        Rutherford JHS Giants

D 1                  Athletic                                   vs        Whanganui Intermediate



NB:  For cancellations listen to More FM, or view Wanganui Softball’s Facebook.  Approved footwear must be worn in all grades – ie. Sneakers or running type shoes.  No sandals or barefeet unless dispensation has been approved.


Teachers and Coaches: Please ensure your players know where and when they are playing.

Thursday 14th November

Summer Basketball Draw

14th  November  2019

Court One:

6.00pm: Pasifika Men (A) v Station Celtic. Duty Team: Sky & Ala                    

                Referees: Betty & Mickeys

6.45pm: Mickeys v Station Vogue. Duty Team: Station Celtic

                Referees: Selwyn & Neihana

7.30pm: Pasifika Men (B) v Pilipinas Whanganui. Duty Team: Station Vogue

                 Referees: Selwyn & Neihana

8.15pm: Pilipinas Taranaki v Station Royals . Duty Team: Pilipinas Whanganui

                 Referees: Joe & Neihana


Court Two:

6.00pm: Station 49ers v Ball N All. Duty Team: Maia & Levani

          Referees: Jenny & Megan

6.45pm: Te Kahui Kahurangi v Pasifika Woman. Duty Team: Ball N All

                 Referees: Jenny & Betty

7.30pm: Pasifika All Stars v Te Kahui Woman. Duty Team: Pasifika Woman

                 Referees: Matariki & Jenny


Reminder: Teams must do their duty.  Any enquires Please contact me: 0272787436 or






All enquiries: Parekura Muraahi, ,06-281 3625


All enquiries: Blair Davidson,, 027 8461 412

Thursday 14th November

Wanganui Golf Club-Business House Teams Draw
5.45 Tee Off Thursday
Course’A’ 14/11/2019
Tee1 1st Town & Country
Tee1 2nd 150 Putters
Tee 1 3rd Barry’s Bombers
Tee2 1st Wanganui Finance
Tee 2 2nd Watts Evolved
Tee 3 Old War Horses
Tee4 1st Axiam-Plastic Putters
Tee4 2nd W.D.C
Tee5 1st Bees Knees
Tee5 2nd G.D.M
Tee 8 1st The Updogs
Tee 9 1st David Jones
Tee 9 2nd Eat ya Greens
Tee1-15th 1st 6 Pack
Tee1-15th 2nd Happy Gilmores
Tee2-16th 1st Mixed Bag
Tee 2-16th 2nd Rock Gas & Gaiters
Tee3- 1st Four Handles & a Red
Tee 3 2nd Air Shotz
Tee4 Crafty Beers
Tee 12 Class Act
Tee7-17th 1st One Good Hit
Tee 7-17th 2nd I Like Big Putts
Tee 7- 17th 3rd Hogs
Tee8-18th 1st All the Beer
Tee8-18th 2nd City Furniture


Tuesday 12th November

Whanganui AWA Junior Touch Module 2019

Tuesday 12 November 2019  Week 5


ROUND 1        4.00pm

Field 1 Te Wainui a Rua Teina v Gonville Allstars (Year 3/4 Mixed Pool A); Field 2 Durie Hill Wakas v St Johns Rabbits (Year 3/4 Mixed Pool A); Field 3 Westmere Newbies v Westmere Winners (Year 1/2 Boys); Field 3a St Johns Warriors v Gonville Taniwha (Year 1/2 Boys); Field 4 Carlton Superstars v Kai Iwi Kids (Year 1/2 Boys); Field 4a Castlecliff Tigers v Churton Pango (Year 1/2 Mixed Pool C); Field 5 Upokongaro 1/2 v Mosston Juniors (Year 1/2 Mixed Pool C); Field 5a Tawhero Tui v Durie Hill Jets (Year 1/2 Mixed Pool B); Field 6 Atihau 1/2 v Whanganui East Cheetahs (Year 1/2 Mixed Pool B) Field 6a St Johns Tigers v Fordell Juniors (Year 1/2 Mixed Pool A); Field 7 Gonville Tadpoles v St Mary 1/2 (Year 1/2 Mixed Pool A); Field 7a Remix Juniors v Faith City Kiwis  (Year 1/2  Mixed Pool C); Field 8 Kaitoke 1/2 v Durie Hill Jags (Year 1/2 Friendly); Field 8a Faith City Springboks v St Annes Stingrays (Year 1/2 Boys);Field 9 Aranui Astro v Gonville Greats (Year 3/4 Mixed Pool B) Field 10 Fordell Comets v Castlecliff Lions (Year 3/4  Mixed Pool B).


ROUND 2        4.35pm

Field 1 St Marys Eagles v Te Wainui a Rua Waenga ( Year 5/6 Mixed Pool B); Field 2 Te Wainui a Rua Tuakana v St Marcellin 7/8 ( Year 7/8 Mixed & Boys Pool A); Field 3 St Marys 3/4 v Westmere Ratbags (Year 3/4 Mixed  Pool C); Field 4 Durie Hill Dodgers v Tawhero Taonga (Year 3/4 Mixed Pool C); Field 5 Westmere 7/8 v Brunswick Bandits (Year 7/8  Mixed/Boys Pool B); Field 6 Atihau 3/4 v Mosston Stars (Year 3/4 Mixed Pool B); Field 7  St Annes Sharks v Remix Red (Year 3/4 Boys Pool B); Field 8 St Johns Storm v Tupoho Kauri (Year 3/4 Mixed Pool C); Field 9 Kai Iwi Can’t Touch This v St Johns Sharks(Year 5/6 Boys Pool A).Field 10 St Johns Raiders v St Annes Makos (Year 5/6 Boys Pool B)


ROUND 3        5.10pm

Field 1 Carlton Stormers v St Johns Cowboys (Year 3/4 Boys  Pool A); Field 2 Westmere Dynamite v Whjanganui East Torpedoes (Year 3/4 Boys  Pool A); Field 3 Kai Iwi Kickers v Faith City Tigers ( Year 3/4 Boys Pool A); Field 4 Carlton Blues v St Johns Knights (Year 3/4 Boys Pool B) Field 5 Tawhero A v Whanganui East Stormers(Year 5/6 Mixed Pool A); Field 6 Gonville Steppers v Atihau Taniwha( Year 5/6 Mixed Pool B); Field 7 Remix Black v Carlton Hurricanes ( Year 5/6 Boys Pool B); Field 8 Waitotara Stars v Tupoho Rimu ( Year 5/6 Mixed Pool A). Field 9 Mosston Seniors v Faith City Sharks (Year 5/6 Mixed Pool B); Field 10 Upokongaro 3/4 v Brunswick Bandits (Year 3/4 Mixed Pool A)

BYE:                                         KAITOKE 3/4                           YEAR 3/4 BOYS POOL B


ROUND 4        5.45pm

Field 1 Churton Karaka v Castlecliff Hawks  (Year 5/6 Mixed Pool A); Field  2 Westmere Dodgers v Carlton Chiefs ( Year 5/6 Boys Pool A); Field 3 Tawhero B v St Marcellin 5/6 (Year 5/6 Friendly ); Field 4 Kaierau McDougal Eartmovers v Fordell 7/8 ( Year 7/8 Mixed/Boys Pool B);Field 5 Fordell Blues v Whanganui East Raiders ( Year 5/6 Boys Pool A);Field 6 Durie Hill Steppers St Marys Falcons ( Year 5/6 Mixed Pool A ) Field 7  Rutherford JHS v Remix Seniors ( Year 7/8  Mixed/Boys Pool A ); Field 8 Tupoho Totara v St Marys 7/8 (Year 7/8 Mixed/Boys Pool B).

BYE:                                         WAITOTARA DIAMONDS       YEAR7/8 MIXED/BOYS POOL B