Sport Whanganui is proud to collaborate with REPLAY, an initiative whose aim is keep sport gear out of landfill and in the hands of tamariki. Why is this important? Great moments of the joy of play and sport have been lost to landfill. REPLAY is on a mission to save sports gear and create more opportunities for tamariki to get active.

Participating in play and sport helps build confidence, creates connections with others, and takes care of our physical wellbeing. By getting pre-loved gear out to our local community, which Sport Whanganui does regularly through schools, more tamariki can reap the benefits.

It all starts with you. Your donations are what makes the difference. There are several REPLAY bins throughout Whanganui to make donations easy: Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre, Rebel Sport, Hunting and Fishing New Zealand, Whanganui High School, and Whanganui Collegiate School.

Thanks for being a REPLAY hero.