Wednesday 4th August

Whanganui Volleyball League Two.

Jubilee Stadium Wednesday 4th August:

Court 1:

6.30pm: Bullets v Schlong Ball (Duty, The Akks)

7.30pm: The Akks v Bullets (Duty, Schlong Ball)

Court 2:

6.30pm: Baka 2.0 v Morgo (Duty, Go Get It!)

7.30pm: Go Get It! v Export Gold (Duty, Morgo)

Court 3:

6.30pm: Crusty Demons v Putiki (Duty Export Gold)

7.30pm: One Arm Banditz v Latinos (Duty, Putiki)

Court 4:

6.30pm: 2AM v Volley Malone (Duty, TKR)

7:30pm: Wallyballz v TKR (Duty, 2AM)



All enquiries please contact Miles Johnson – 021 744 565