Friday 6th August

Whanganui Basketball Secondary Schools

WEEK NINE Friday 6 August 2021


4.00pm TAS Jnr Boys vs Cullinane Jnr Boys, Refs Wendy/Neihana

4.45pm Te Wharekura o Tupoho vs WHS Social Gold ,Refs Jacob/Joe

5.30pm TAS Jnr Boys vs City College Jnr Boys, Refs Wendy/Mere

6.15pm TAS Snr Bos vs City College, Duty Levani/Awatere/Jipsy Refs Wendy/Mere



4.00pm WHS Jnr Girls vs Cullinane Jnr Girl, Refs Kelly/Hugh

4.45pmWCS Jnr Girls vs WGC Jnr Girls, Refs Kelly/Hugh

5.30pm WHS Prems vs WHS Snr Social, Refs Aunty Betty/Neihana

6.15pm WHS Snr Boys vs WCS Snr Boys, Duty WHS Snr Girls , Refs Aunty Betty/Neihana


4.00pm Rangitikei College vs TTKM o Tupoho , Refs Desiree/Pania M

4.45pm WCS Jnr Boys vs WHS Jnr B Boys, Refs Desiree/Pania M

5.30pm Cullinane Jnr Boys vs WHS Jnr Boys ,Refs Neihana/ Joe

6.15pm TAS Snr Girls vs WCS Snr Girls, Duty Pania/Julz

7.00pm WGC Snr Girls vs WCC Snr Girls, Duty Pania/Julz


No Mouthguard No Play!

Floor controller: Marie Joseph   Bye WHS Social Boys Green, Cullinane Snr Girls

Bench Duty: Teams must supply one person to bench their own game.

Premier Grades are assigned.


Please Note: Cullinane Jnr Boys and TAS Jnr Boys have two games this week!