Healthy Active Learning

Healthy Active Learning is a joint government initiative between Sport Whanganui and the Ministries of Health and Education to improve the wellbeing of children and young people through healthy eating and drinking, and quality physical activity.

It contributes to one of the Government’s key priorities: improving the wellbeing of children and young people and is part of the Government’s Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy. At no cost to schools and kura, in 2020 (phase 1) Healthy Active Learning was rolled out to 300 schools and kura nationwide. In 2022 (phase 2) it will be expanded to an additional 500 schools and kura.

Sport Whanganui, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education will all work collaboratively to deliver this initiative.

All schools and kura will be supported with new resources, ranging from health promotion advisors, school physical activity advisors, and curriculum resources and guidelines. Implementation will focus on expanding healthy food and water-only or plain milk policies, enhancing delivery of the health and physical education curriculum, and fostering active school environments.


Sport Whanganui will provide a physical activity workforce that includes three Healthy Active Learning advisors. The advisors will work in Whanganui, Rangitikei and Ruapehu to support 30 primary and intermediate schools and kura to create healthy and active learning environments, and better connection to their local communities.

The physical activity workforce will work alongside teachers to enhance the provision of play, sport and physical education. Each advisor will have the capacity to work really closely with each of their allocated schools to co-design a support and action plan based around the school’s identified needs. Examples include but not limited to: workshops, PLD sessions, co-teaching or demonstrations, curriculum planning, staff wellbeing sessions, whanau engagement events, resources and links with local communities.

The dedicated and skilled physical activity workforce will support schools and kura to:

  • Understand and recognise the value of the Health and Physical Education and Hauora curriculum.
  • Create an environment that supports and promotes quality play, sport and physical activity.
  • Build confident and capable Teachers and Kaiako to deliver the Health and Physical Education and Hauora curriculum.
  • Create a healthy food and drink environment.
  • Make well informed decisions when engaging with external providers.
  • Strengthen their connections with their wider community, including whānau and local health and physical activity providers.



The Ministry of Education will develop new Health and Physical Education (HPE) and Hauora curriculum resources to support all schools and kura to enhance the understanding, planning and delivery of HPE and physical activity.

The Ministry of Education will also work with Sport New Zealand on developing external provider guidelines to support schools and kura to effectively use external providers in educational settings.



The Health promotion workforce supports education settings to create and maintain healthy food and drink environments. Healthy school environments promote the well-being of all community members, not just learners.

Depending on school priorities, there are many ways support can be provided, a few examples but not limited to:

  • Ka Ora Ka Ako support – transitioning between models; supplier liaison; student/teacher/whanau workshops, and engagement.
  • PLD for teachers – developing healthy habits; nutrition in the curriculum; teacher wellbeing, etc.
  • Assist in the development of Māra kai (the food garden).
  • Provide practical advice around food and drinks for rewards, fundraisers, and whanau events.
  • Support the implementation of healthy food and drink policies and practices (including ‘Water-Only’).

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Clare Lynch
Regional HAL Lead
06 349 2881