Hauora ki ti Mahi

Sport Whanganui and the Ministry of Social Development are excited to introduce Hauora ki te Mahi, a wellness to work programme to the Whanganui region. 

The objective of the Hauora ki te Mahi programme is to support job seekers who would benefit from improving their health and physical wellbeing. The programme will provide clients with social connectivity with others on the same journey, increased motivation and overall wellbeing to improve the opportunity to gain desired employment.  

Sport Whanganui and the Ministry of Social Development have developed a specific criteria in order to be elected on to the intensive three month programme. Clients must be seeking a physical job change, willing to make positive lifestyle changes and motivated to participate in the recommendations made by the Wellness Coach. 

Sport Whanganui’s Health Manager Deb Byers says “Hauora ki te Mahi is a fabulous addition to our health portfolio here at Sport Whanganui alongside the Green Prescription and Fit for Surgery programs. We look forward to supporting job seekers to improve their health in order to gain and sustain employment”. 

Rachael Lynch has been appointed as the Wellness Coach and Sport Whanganui are delighted to have secured an experienced and passionate person to deliver the programme. Rachael has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the health and wellbeing space.  

Rachael will not only be leading the implementation of the Hauora ki te Mahi programme but will also be developing and leading Sport Whanganui’s future corporate wellness programme. The new initiative will encourage and support local organisations to provide a supportive environment promoting physical activity, healthy eating. 

Sport Whanganui’s General Manager Adam Gosney says, ‘Sport Whanganui is excited to introduce the Hauora ki te Mahi programme built from the success of the Pathway to Industry programme which Sport Whanganui has led in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development for the last five years.  

Clients will receive a codesigned wellness plan which will include support from the Wellbeing Coach, pre and post Bioscan testing (physical health test) and analysis of the results, individual physical activity membership, individual Hauora ki te Mahi plans and ongoing contact with the Wellbeing Coach throughout the duration of the programme.  

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For more information please contact Sport Whanganui’s Wellness Coach, Rachael on rachael.lynch@sportwhanganui .co.nz or 06 349 2312.