Active Families

What is Active Families? 

Active Families is a free programme to improve the health and wellbeing of your families/whānau through physical activity and nutrition support. 

Active Families focuses on providing support, guidance and opportunities to create healthy lifestyles through regular physical activity and healthy eating.  

Active children with a well-balanced diet have more energy, are more confident, sleep better, can concentrate better and grow into healthier adults. 

Who would benefit? 

We offer up to 12 months of support for whanau/families who: 

  • Have children aged between five and 17 years old. 
  • Are ready to make healthy lifestyle changes. 
  • Are wanting to support their child grow into a healthy weight. 
  • Want support with their whānau’s eating and physical activity habit. 

The Active Families Advisor will support and guide each family to set achievable goals and increase their level of activity and participation. Healthy nutrition advice is part of the programme and there’s also the opportunity to meet and make new friends while working towards worthwhile and positive outcomes. 

Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, it builds strong muscles and bones, helps protect the heart and benefits mental health as well. Active children are healthier, stronger, more confident, do better in school, sleep better and in general grow up to be healthy fit adults. 

How we support  

  • Once referred, you will meet your Active Families co-ordinator to discuss what you would like to achieve and together you set a plan for the whole family.
  • We offer healthy eating advice, recipes, ways to stay active, community events to participate in.
  • We support with two-weekly calls and monthly face to face meetings. 

How do I join Active Families? 

Most referrals come from GPs, regjstered nurses paediatricians or any health professional..  You can also self refer by calling us. Once we receive your referral we will ring you and arrange a time for you to meet our co-ordinator.  

Who are the Active Families team?  





Deb Byers – Health Manager
Telephone: (06) 349 2325