Tuesday 15th June

Intermediate Draw 15th June 2021

Court 1

3.40 Faith City Kings Vs St Marcellin Ada/Justin

4.20  Te Wainui-a-Rua-Atutahi Vs WIS Clippers Ada/Desiree

5.00 TAS Vs  WIS Trailblazers  Pania/Ada

5.40 Tupoho Mangopare Vs WIS Sparks Marie/Ross


Court 2

3.40 St Mary’s Vs Atihau Wharanui Porchers/Desiree

4.20  TKB Tuakana  Vs  WIS Storm Porchers/Justin

5.00 TKB Teina Vs Kokohuia Joe/Santana

5.40 Huntly Vs WIS Grizzlies Joe/Santana


Court 3

3.40 RJH A Boys Vs St Anne’s Warriors Kelly/Diamond

4.20 St George’s Vs St Anne’s Celtics Kelly/Diamond

  • All teams must have numbered tops.
  • All mouthguards to be on while playing.
  • Teams to arrive 10 minutes before game time.
  • Teams to be ready on the sideline of the court your playing on 5 minutes before your game starts.
  • It is a running clock and if you take to long to organize your teams you lose out on game time.
  • If warming up please be aware of other teams playing their games and the refs reffing the game.