Case Studies & Articles


Useful, real world examples of good strategic governance and management in sport in action. Examples are from both New Zealand and around the world.

Club is the hub (Sport NZ) – Encouraging a relationship between South East Asian social cricketers and Auckland cricket clubs.

Equip’d (Sport NZ) – Encouraging Pasifika Teenage girls to enjoy and participate in physical activity.

Tamaki Touched (Sport NZ) – Working alongside local communities to achieve positive outcomes through sport and recreation.

Goldy Locke and the three committees (Strategic Sports Solutions, Australia) – A variation of a common fairy tale that has some relevant lessons for boards and committees.

How balanced is your scorecard? (Strategic Sports Solutions, Australia) – The balanced scorecard is a useful way to ensure that organisations don’t neglect important perspectives.

A new perspective on old problems (Strategic Sports Solutions, Australia) – When it comes to increasing sport participation, it might be useful to look at things from a new perspective.

A new world of sport (Strategic Sports Solutions, Australia) – The world of sport is bound by tradition but are there other ways to deliver sport in this modern age?