Bukholt Sport Support Fund


Karen Bukholt, Danny Jonas, CE Sport Whanganui, and Knud Bukholt working together to break barriers to sport and active recreation through the Bukholt’s generosity.

The Background

The Bukholt Sport Support Fund was recently established by Karen and Knud Bukholt, who donate a portion of their sales revenue from Bayleys Whanganui to the fund. Bukholt Sport Support Fund helps ensure young people do not miss out on opportunities to participate in sport or recreation due to the barrier of cost associated with their chosen sport or active recreation.

Both Karen and Knud’s passion for the community is well known locally and a central part of their life together. Karen was a valued member of the Sport Whanganui Leadership team for 11 years until she decided to pursue a career in Real Estate where she teamed up with husband Knud and Bayleys Whanganui.

Knud’s parents established the iconic Whanganui Girls and Boys Gym Club, with Knud representing New Zealand in gymnastics as a young athlete and providing many hours of voluntary coaching to the younger gymnasts.

As a teenager Karen rowed, an expensive sport but something she loved. With the help of family and friends Karen was supported to stay involved in rowing, something she has always been incredibly grateful for. Karen has never forgotten the kindness of others to ensure she could continue rowing and believed it helped keep her focussed and on the right track through her teenage years.

Together with Sport Whanganui, who will administer the fund, we have been able to create the Bukholt Sport Support Fund to support rangatahi (youth) to stay involved in sport and active recreation.

The guidelines for this fund have been designed with the needs of our young people in mind, with 100 percent of the funds supporting Secondary School aged students 12 -19 years.


What can be funded?

This is a sport or active recreation fund for students aged 12-19 years to help cover the costs directly associated with the continued participation of a young person in their chosen sport or active recreation. These costs might also address any barriers that prevent participants accessing their activity. Costs could include:

  • Purchasing or hiring equipment (only when this is required as part of the activity)
  • Costs of transport to get to and from the activity
  • Club and other registration or participation fees
  • Coaching costs incurred by the participant
  • Training camps and other related trips or programmes

The fund is managed by Sport Whanganui on behalf of Knud and Karen Bukholt. Funding can be accessed at anytime during the year by a school or a club on behalf of the young person and their family.

For more information: Bukholt Sport Support

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Contact Jodie Brunger, jodie@sportwhanganui.co.nz, regarding any queries.