9 to 5 Thrive

We want your workplace to thrive. Our flexible approach allows you to tailor a programme that fits the needs of your workplace.

Improve productivity and build your team’s wellbeing  experience through our three-pillared approach; Restore, Energize and Nourish.

Every 9 to 5 Thrive programme will first have an initial health Warrant of Fitness check that involves a health assessment including an Inbody Body Composition Bioscan.


The restore pillar focuses on checking in with yourself by offering tips on mindfulness, stress and sleep support and Mental Health.

One of the biggest challenges people face is not getting a good night’s sleep. Poor quality of sleep results in less-than-optimal health, feeling tired and sluggish, less productive, irritable, and more inclined to reach for unhealthy snacks. While we cannot always remove the stress from our lives, we’ll explore the steps we can take to build resilience and change how we react and cope with stressful situations.


The energize sessions are targeted at getting the heart rate up, building strength and muscular endurance, increasing flexibility, and most importantly having fun.

Physical activity has been proven to help to decrease stress, improve productivity, improve sleep, and release tension resulting in a more productive and happier workplace.

We offer a variety of movement options from high energy Boxfit classes to yoga – select and concentrate on one or build a programme that offers a variety of movement options. The workout intensity is dependent on the level of fitness of the participants with regressions and progressions available for each exercise.


Sick of feeling overloaded with nutrition information, the latest fad diets and not knowing where to begin? The Nourish pillar is all about understanding the core principles of a  healthy diet and how to fit it into your busy workdays.

We have developed a nutrition seminar that teaches healthier eating habits. We offer fun interactive snack demonstrations and practical sessions that discuss meal planning and inspire you to make positive and healthier eating habits.