New Staff Members

Sport Whanganui would like to welcome new staff members: Tania King, Louise Follett, Whitney Cox, Harry Unsworth, Phoebe Brown and Aidan O’Connor.


Tania King – General Manager

A former principal, member of our Sport Whanganui Board and COO of the International Flight School, Tania King brings a wealth of knowledge to our Sport Whanganui team and a passion to support our community improving the health and wellbeing of our community. We feel so incredibly fortunate to have her join us as our new General Manager and look forward to the energy and enthusiasm she will bring to the organisation.


Aidan O’Connor – Sports and Club Partnership Lead.

Working with our clubs and regional sport and recreation organisations is a key area of support we provide to our community. In the new year we welcome Aidan O’Connor to this space. Aidan has experience both in the sport and education sectors, having worked for Sport Wellington and New Zealand Hockey as well as teaching both here and overseas. Aidan has a real passion for sport and is excited to start his new role as the Sports and Club Partnership lead. His knowledge and expertise from governance, to facility development and event management will be of huge value to the team and our wider community.


Whitney Cox – Research and Evaluation.

To ensure we are keeping up with local and national trends and capturing the voice of our community, Sport Whanganui is putting significant time and resource into the research and evaluation of sport, recreation and play across the region. Whitney Cox comes to us from Whanganui and Partners and has a wealth of experience in research and data analysis. We are thrilled to have her as part of our team and look forward to utilising her skills and expertise to support and inform the work we do with, by and for our community.


Harry Unsworth – Community Activator – Intern

To give new graduates a chance to learn and gain experience in the sport and recreation sector we have established a new internship role. Returning to Whanganui to take up this exciting new position is Harry Unsworth. Harry has recently completed a Bachelor of Sport Coaching with Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition at Canterbury University. His skills and knowledge in the sports field are vast and along with his local knowledge he is a great asset to the Community Activation Team.


Phoebe Brown – Office Administrator

Meeting and greeting our visitors to our Community Sports House from December will be our new office administrator, Phoebe Brown. Phoebe has just completed 5 years at Whanganui High School, where she was involved in a range of academic, cultural, and sporting activities. She is articulate and has a real desire to learn and grow in this new role. We look forward to Phoebe joining our team and bringing her youthful enthusiasm to the front desk.


Louise Follett – Marketing and Communications

Marketing and communication are so important when you are working across so many parts of our community as we do here at Sport Whanganui. Louise Follett joins our team to lead our marketing and communications and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the organisation. Louise is also working with the Masters Games Team until February before joining Sport Whanganui full time in March. We look forward to the new approach Louise brings to working with our community and sharing all the wonderful work that is happening in the sport, recreation and play space across the region.