Gifting of bikes strengthens partnership

Sport Whanganui and the YMCA continue to form a strong partnership leading to positive outcomes for the community. An example of the partnership was the recent gifting of a fleet of bikes to the YMCA.

Sport Whanganui used to be in the delivery space, employing a Bike Development Officer whereby a focus was upon bike safety. The fleet of bikes was crucial to support bike safety programmes based from Sport Whanganui.

Recently Sport Whanganui changed their mandate and there is no longer a focus upon bike delivery. The fleet of bikes therefore needed a new home and the partnership between Sport Whanganui and the YMCA enabled the opportunity for Sport Whanganui to gift the bikes to the YMCA who have a strong focus upon delivery and bike safety.

YMCA’s Operation Manager Scott Tunnicliffe is appreciative of the partnership and gift stating “The bikes have already seen a huge amount of use locally and at Camp Raukawa. Being next-door to the pump track and learn to ride course has meant users have a safe environment to develop their bike skills.” Both Sport Whanganui and the YMCA would like to thank The Four Regions Trust for providing the funding to purchase the bikes.

Sport Whanganui’s General Manager Adam Gosney is excited about the future partnership opportunities with the YMCA and Springvale Park, “Scott and I are in regular contact identifying and discussing ways the YMCA and Sport Whanganui can work together for the benefit of the community”.

The Whanganui District Council Sport and Recreation strategy recommendation to develop Springvale Park as a regional sports hub greatly relies upon collaboration. This partnership is a fine example of community collaboration benefiting in this case young people’s bike safety.